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I’ve just watched the George Clooney, Buzz Aldrin, meet video made by Omega for the Speedmaster Moon watch. (And by the way, I have no agreement with omega. Though I wish I did). The film took warm, fuzzy, safe place.


The film opens with Clooney dressed in a dinner jacket, nervously pacing a room downstairs, presumably in an omega store, waiting for his childhood hero Buzz Aldrin to walk in. When he does (also in a DJ,) scripted or not Clooney blushes straight away, but of course brings it back with a composed compliment. “you look great!” and he fucking does.


Buzz aldrin takes bling to another level. Looking like his hands are gold magnets and he’s been fired through a number of hackney pawn shops; He is wearing a bow tie made of “unobtainium” laugh laugh cringe cringe.


It is a carefully made and beautifully nostalgic piece of work which really pulls you away from reality and places you alongside the two men, (Which in my book is what film is about) in the small darkly lit cinema to watch a short film of clips from the lunar landings.


 It’s a friendly scene and they seem familiar and comfortable in each other’s company, it makes for a fantastic short, I kept thinking of Jim Jarmusch’s coffee and cigarettes when Tom Waits and Iggy Pop meet at a diner. Except it’s the opposite they aren’t confrontational and edgy, they're best pals. Even the music is wonderfully slow and hopeful - I’m also pretty sure it’s from Prometheus.


Clooney a big favourite of mine (I’m super into film) always gets me and damn that guy had better run for president, He’ll get Aldrins vote and he’ll get mine! even if I have to move to the US and find a widow.



Watch this short film, not for the watches, just watch it.


I’m gonna go buy interstellar and or Apollo 13.


Video below

Words by Tom Heap


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