This is not just a blog just about clothes, this is a blog about being a man and examining what that means at its core, the term gentleman is bounded around far too often today and has lost its meaning. Typically, when we think of a gentleman we think of a someone who is dressed in an expensive suit and knows what cutlery to use, what faux pas to avoid and is presumably form a fairly privileged background.


This is not the case, a gentleman is someone (not necessarily a man), who is open to all ideas and cultures and is welcoming and accommodating to everyone, who ultimately tries to uphold what is the right thing to do in any given situation. It has little to do with wealth or clothing, accent or background. Its about being a Human above the level of animalistic urges and selfishness.


We live in an interesting time to say the least, with the 20th century at our back we should regularly turn to see the trips and falls which have slowed and hurt those before us. Yet, as news comes in everyday of assassinations and imprisonments which echo loudly of the cold and second world wars and accounts of people being taken advantage of and abused, it’s seems as if we have put on blinkers and chosen to ignore everything.


Evil prevails when good men do nothing… This does not mean taking arms up against a foe on some foreign battlefield. It means reacting to situations in our daily lives. Situations which may seem small at the time but will have a greater resonance in the future.


Men, believe it or not, tend to be the worst thing to happen to everything, or at least the way men act. We are at a pivotal point of what men will become and how we will be seen in history on a social level.


The current view of the average man is not a pleasant one, donned with the caps of older generations whose actions have apparently written our script for us. It becomes all the more important to venture away from old ideas and principles of masculinity which have been instilled in us, not directly by our parents but by the general culture which surrounds us.


The only way to do this, is to approach everything with an open mind, whether it be political views, religious creed, sexual orientation or gender. The world is currently plagued by leaders and people in positions of power or wealth who have abused the system and others around them, these are not “men” they are cowards, bigots and rapists. We have to be better, greater men than they are, and do all we can to stop them and alienate their attitudes from our society.


 As it stands, being a man hasn’t got the best rap, we can still be masculine, there are many traits which are noteworthy, entertaining and admirable. It is up to us to change this old world view; we and only we, have the power to turn around, pick and choose what we want to bring with us into the present and what to leave behind us, we know already what those things are its just a matter of actioning them.

Words by Tom Heap

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